DJ Jess

WHAT UUUUUUUUUUUUP MEGA FAMILY, “The Mix–A–Holic” DJ Jess here! My radio journey has taken me throughout the Central Valley and Bakersfield, but things started in 1990 on KUBE in Seattle, Washington. I was hired as a Mixer and was able to transition into an On–Air gig from there. After graduating Art School, I left Seattle and returned home to the Valley to become a graphic artist, as well as a Club DJ. While working both jobs, I was offered a Mixing gig at KKPW–Power 93 The Party. I learned a lot there, I was able to sharpen my On–Air presence while holding down the Station Imaging Director title, as well as my daily Mix show. From there, I was blessed to land On–Air, Mixing, Station Imaging and Production Director gigs at some of the most listened to radio stations throughout the Valley and Bakersfield. In 2019, I received an offer to join Cumulus Media–Fresno, and I pounced on it without hesitation! I hold down the roles of Production Director, Station Imaging, Mixer, and you can hear me daily on MEGA 97.9. Join me Monday–Friday, from 6pm ‘til 10pm and Saturday nights for my mix show Back Spin Radio, from 9pm ‘til Midnight. I’m looking forward to groove’n with ya’ MEGA Family!