Noddy Roddy


Where should I begin. Let’s start by saying I’ve been in radio for about 20 plus years, but Mega is my true full time gig. Can you believe I’m going on more than 10 years here at Mega 97.9. Time flies when you’re having fun. I’d just like to say that working with Jeff Davis and Ruth Michaels is hard work. Let’s face it, where would they be without their little buddy.

I’m still not the same since my dog “Vegas” got lost. Vegas, if you’re reading this, come home. Me and the boy’s miss you.

Speaking of my boys, they’re getting bigger and older. Andrew is 19 and Bomber is 17.  Andrew attends Fresno City College and is doing really well. Bomber on the other hand wrestles for Hoover High like his dad did back in the day and at the same weight, 103 lbs. He also plays football.

In closing, I’d just like to say that without all of my Mega listeners, I’m nothing. Thanks for listening to Mega 97.9.


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