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Meet our adorable Wednesday Waggers media pets, Stormie! Stormie is a 2 month old, male, brown and white, Pitbull/ Husky Blend. Stormie will give you all the kisses you want. He loves to play and show off his personality. He loves making new friends with any size of dog. Stormie is ready to go trick…MORE

Killian and Emma

Say hello to this week Wednesday Waggers media pets Killian A063282 and Emma A063283! Welcome the enchanting duo Killian A063282 and Emma A063283! Emma and Killian are 2 month old, black and brown brindle, American Pit Bull blends. Once upon a time there were two loving puppies looking for their forever home, will you be…MORE


  Say hello to this weeks media pet Red A058198! Meet Red A058198! Red is a 2 month old, male, black and tan, Pekingese Terrier Blend. Red just came back from foster, he was with his mother and 6 siblings. Red is a great pup that will take care of his siblings when mom is…MORE


Say hello to this weeks media pet Arthur A060528! Everyone say Hello to Arthur A060528! Arthur is a 2 month old, male, brown and white, Australian Cattle Dog blend. Arthur loves to play and chew on his toys. He has so much energy, he loves to run around and make new friends. He can cheer…MORE


  Say hello to this weeks media pet Willow A056911! Lets give a warm welcome to Willow A056911! Willow is a 5 month old, female, tan and orange, Domestic Medium Hair. She may be shy at first but soon enough she’ll be in your arms purring like crazy! Her sweet face will make you fall…MORE

Julius and Caesar

  Say hello to our sweet Wednesday Waggers media pets! Put you paws together for Julius (Orange/white) A059705 and Caesar (Grey/White) A059704! These 2 little brothers are 2 month old, Domestic Medium Hairs that were surrendered to us. Julius and Caesar are royalty, both have a very welcoming, loving personality. Julius is definitely the more…MORE


Say hello to our sweet Wednesday Waggers, Astro A058852! Put your hands together for Astro A058852! Astro is a 2 month old, male, black, Terrier Blend. Astro is a small pup but with a big heart. Astro has a little anxiety but when he gets comfortable he loves to show his fun and goofy side.…MORE

Listen to Mega 97.9 with Alexa!

The Valley’s Old School is now available to stream live through Alexa on your Amazon device. When you teach Alexa a new skill, you can listen live to The Mega Morning Show and all of your favorite Mega hosts throughout the day from your Amazon device with a simple voice command. Activate the Mega 97.9 Skill With…MORE