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– Shawn -A017462- Shawn is a 1 year old, male, tan and white, Chihuahua blend. Shawn is the sweetest little guy around! This sweetie is not afraid to show you how much he loves you. Shawn’s hobbies include playing with his squeaky toys and cuddling up with his friends! If you’re in need of a…MORE


Lacey -A016790- Put your hands together for Lacey A016790! Lacey is a 2 month old, female, white and black, Terrier blend. Lacey is a spunky gal who loves to have a good time! There is no way to feel blue when Lacey is around, this ray of sunshine could brighten anyone’s day. This lovely girl…MORE


Missy -A017405- Missy is an 11 month old, female, white and tan, Maltese Blend. Missy is as pretty as she is sweet! All this loving gal wants to do is play with her stuffed teddy and lay on a comfy bed. Missy is definitely a girly girl; she enjoys wearing cute bows and ribbons! If…MORE


Darla -A014087- Give a warm welcome to Darla! Darla is a 3 month, female, tan and white, Terrier Blend. Darla’s big floppy ears will make you melt like a popsicle on the fourth of July! This playful puppy loves to chase tennis balls and chew on toys all day long! She is courageous, loyal, and…MORE


Roscoe A015100 Introducing Roscoe! Roscoe is a 2 month old, brown and white, Hound blend. Roscoe has gone through a lot as a puppy. Roscoe and his brother were found and dropped off as strays. This puppy will be a lifetime of fun, always playful and lovable. He is sure to make the perfect addition…MORE


Ali -A014304- Ali is a 2 month old, female, tan and black, German Shepherd blend. Ali is small in size, but her personality is larger than life! Ali loves to hop, jump, and roll around with all of her stuffed animal friends. Ali enjoys napping just as much as she loves to play! If you…MORE


Kensley -A014096- Kensley is a 3 month old, female, tan and grey, Shepherd blend. Kensley has a sad story behind her, and she would like to tell the world about it. On April 24, 2017 at the Central California SPCA a staff member noticed a blue bag by a tree. So she went to go…MORE


Meet Andy -A011712- Andy is a 2 month old, male, black and white, Chihuahua Terrier blend. Andy is the life of the party. This little guy is full of energy and always ready to play. Andy loves everybody and anything. For a little guy he has so much love to give!MORE


Meet Cow A008743! Cow is a 2 month old, male, black, white and tan tricolor, Terrier blend. Cow is as sweet as pie. He arrived at the Central California SPCA as a tiny puppy and was too small to go up for adoption. Our Foster Coordinator found Cow and his 5 siblings a foster home.…MORE


Meet Peaches -A010330- Peaches is a 3 month old, female, tan and white, Terrier blend. Peaches is a loving little puppy just ready to find the prefect forever home. With some training she could learn all kinds of wonderful things like sit, lay down, and even play fetch, but she is also willing to be…MORE